1.If you are booked to come for a session but develop any symptoms of illness, please contact us as soon as you are able to (ideally at least 24 hrs before your scheduled session) and we will reschedule your booking to another time. DO NOT COME IF YOU SUSPECT YOU ARE SICK IN ANY WAY.

2. Although we do have handwashing facilities and will have hand sanitiser available in various locations, we have a large outdoor area and expect that people are responsible for their own personal safety when you come for a training session with us. This includes regularly washing hands at handwashing station, carrying own personal hand sanitiser with you and ensuring that you are socially distancing with others.

3. Due to the strict restrictions on numbers of participants, we can only accept paying customers and therefore cannot accept spectators or any non -participating child or adult at this time.

4. The indoor gym and gym equipment will be closed until restrictions ease, therefore anyone attending a bootcamp will be doing body weight exercises only and we ask that you bring a beach towel or own exercise mat please.

5. Due to current restrictions, we will not be able to offer large group discounts until COVID-19  restrictions ease.