1) If you would like to attend a morning bootcamp, please book no later than 6 pm the previous evening.
2) We would appreciate that bookings are made at least two hours prior to the session that you wish to attend.
3) All cancellations/rescheduling of bookings must be done at least twenty four hours prior to the session. Failure to do so will result in your booking fee being forfeited. (Please note that all cancellations of bookings will incur a cancellation charge of booking fees/bank charges).
4) Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated at Burns Outdoor Obstacle Training. We reserve the right to prohibit anyone from attending who does not comply.
5) Please ensure you are dressed appropriately for obstacle training, we recommend protection of ankle and calves (due to possible rope burn), closed toe shoes and you may wish to bring gloves to protect your hands.
6) Where possible, please arrive on time for the start of your session. If you are unable to do so, please contact us and let us know.
7) When you arrive, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver form.
8) You will then be shown around the facility and safety procedures will be explained to you.
9) We have a fridge on premises where you can keep drinks etc. cool while you train.
10) There is very little shade on the course so please ensure you wear a hat, sunscreen etc. to care for your personal sun safety.
11) Please ensure you have adequate nutrition whilst here and prepare for the time you expect to stay here for.
12) We care greatly about safety of the participants who train with us. For this reason, if you have an injury or condition that may put your safety in jeopardy by doing the obstacles, we think it would be wise to reschedule your visit with us.
13) We love pets but stress that we do not want other peoples here.
14) Please ensure that your children are properly supervised whilst on this premises and if they are not involved in a training session, they are not to use the obstacles.
15) For those who wish to have a party here, it is advisable to book a three hour ‘obstacle training session’ for this due to the fact that the safety and technique lesson that we offer to groups typically takes 30 minutes on average and you will be left with little ‘party time’ in a two hour session.
16) Please note that session finishing time is when you are expected to leave the facility and you are not permitted to remain at the facility beyond this time.
17) If you are not a participant, you are not permitted to utilise the obstacles.
18) No smoking and no consumption of alcohol is permitted at Burns Outdoor Obstacle Training.

19) 8 week home school / after school program. We will offer make up classes only if the weather does not permit a class going ahead but not for individual circumstances preventing a participant attending a class.

Look forward to seeing you out here!
Wayne and Lorelai Burns